Ashni (ashnistrike) wrote,

Patreon Musings

For reasons having to do with my great hunger for deadlines, and for small writing prompts to get my brain in gear--and now that they seem to have sworn off idiocy for a while--I'm thinking about starting a Patreon. My schedule being what it is, I'm also thinking about cool things I could share that would be less time-consuming and more fun--something that will let me play around a little even when I'm ocean-deep in novel-writing, without actually causing me to miss novel-related deadlines. So rewards might include:

- Flash fiction and "cut scenes" for the Innsmouth Legacy and Tikanu settings.
- Custom sonnets
- Worldbuilding recipes
- Opportunities to provide prompts for all of the above

So... is this something folks would be interested in? Are there other rewards that would be more/additionally enticing?  This post originally appeared at Comments are welcome both here and at There are comment count unavailable comments on Dreamwidth.
Tags: writing
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