Ashni (ashnistrike) wrote,

Winter Tide ARC giveaway

I haven't posted for a while, have I? *Looks around, dusts off surfaces, surreptitiously wipes hands*

But look what came in the mail today!

Winter Tide ARCs

I'll come up with clever plans for the rest later, but for now I just want to share my delight at finally having actual books, made of actual matter, with my name on John Jude Palencar's spiffy cover. So here's the deal. Between now and a deadline of Whenever the Baby Goes to Bed tomorrow night, tell me your favorite monster, and something you wish you knew about them. I'll pick an entry at random to receive an ARC.

Fine print: I'm posting to Twitter as well; it's the same ARC and the same contest on both platforms. I'm willing to ship anywhere, but if you're overseas it may arrive on the very slow boat. Or quickly, but very wet and delivered by someone with gills.
Tags: aphra marsh, cephalopods, shameless plugs
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Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Opening a box of one's own books is always the most glorious moment.


I'll mot happily play. I love the Yithians, but my favorite are the Old Ones/aka Elder Things. I'd love to know both more about their culture and especially what their (presumably very odd) homeworld was like.
Oh, what a gorgeous cover!

Cookie Monster: secretly a yith?

This may be my favorite entry. Although I harbor a suspicion that it's antisocial Oscar with his spatially anomalous trashcan who's a Yith, and that Cookie Monster is in fact one of the hyper-social Mi-Go. And Slimey is one of the evil worm magicians from "The Festival."

This line of thought is both way too easy, and trending in the direction of Things Toddlers Were Not Meant to Know.
Favorite monster: Loch Ness. Adult me knows it was a hoax, but kid me had an entire network of underwater caves where she made a cozy home. Is she the last of her kind, or is there a community in the open ocean that she got separated from by swimming up the ness river when she was small enough to fit? If she was part of a greater monster community would she prefer to be reunited with them, or does she like the rock star lifestyle of a living myth?
Oooh Shiny! Looking forward to the release. I preordered my copy from Amazon :D *hugs*
Now that is Shiny.